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Playground Rules

Safe fun for all is our most important goal. Your play should consider the needs of the people around you. The Hardy community observes the following rules to make our playground safe:


  1. Play equipment brought from home may be used only during classroom recess at the teacher’s discretion.
  2. Wheels of any kind cannot be used on the playground before, during, or after school.
  3. Standing on top of climbing structures is unsafe and not permitted.
  4. Slides go in one direction – down.
  5. Never run behind, between, or in front of swings.
  6. Get off the swings carefully without jumping.
  7. Dodgeball-type games are not allowed. This includes throwing the ball at a runner to get him or her “out” during a kickball game.
  8. No bats of any kind can be used on school grounds.
  9. Football cannot be played on our playground. This includes passing a football as “practice”.


  1. Keep off the snow and the snow banks during recess.
  2. Throwing snowballs is never allowed.


  1. If you think your activity might hurt someone, it is probably not a good choice.
  2. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable when playing in our playground, tell an adult.
Playground Safety on the Chandler Street Playground